We put particular emphasis on product quality. This means our vegetables are very often harvested by hand, mostly packed directly on the farm and shipped the same evening or the day after harvesting at the latest. This provides maximum freshness for our customers.


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All of Prince de Bretagne’s organic vegetables have been cultivated and monitored with the greatest respect for organic farming specifications for more than 20 years.

OUR OBJECTIVE: Increasing our organic production by growing the share of organic vegetables to 20% of our total volume by 2030


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Grown without synthetic pesticides¹

Committed for many years to the production of vegetables using ever-more healthy and sustainable agricultural practices, Prince de Bretagne’s market gardeners offer a range of vegetables grown without synthetic pesticides. This presents real daily challenges, but these demanding progress strategies meet the demand for a new agriculture that is more sustainable and offers greater respect for the environment.

OUR OBJECTIVE: Increasing the share of vegetables grown without pesticides to 20% of our total volume by 2030

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¹ No synthetic pesticides from flowering to plate for tomatoes, from planting to plate for brassicas and Potimarron squash and from leaf stage to plate for shallots

High environmental value (HVE) certification

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Our vegetables are currently undergoing HVE certification.

The environmental certification of farms recognises those farms that are engaged in particularly environmentally friendly approaches. High environmental value (known as HVE) is an approach led by the Ministry of Agriculture and based on environmental performance indicators that cover the entire farm. Certification makes it possible to be sure that elements of biodiversity (hedges, grass strips, trees, flowers, insects etc.) are very widely present on the farm and that the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity and landscapes) is reduced to a minimum.


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Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) designates a product in which all the production stages are carried out according to recognised know-how in the same geographical area, providing the product with particular characteristics. It is a European label which protects the name of the product throughout the European Union. We are proud to have this designation for two of our products: Roscoff onions and Coco de Paimpol.

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