The brand only markets fresh fruits and vegetables, the majority of which are harvested by hand and packed directly on the farms. They are then shipped the same evening or, at the latest, the following morning.


Production and harvesting

1,700 market gardeners, members of the 3 Cerafel cooperatives, produce and harvest 141 fruit and vegetable varieties. They work in collaboration with experimental stations, seed companies and researchers in the Breton network.


Grading and packing station

Market gardeners deliver their harvested vegetables to the stations which monitor their quality and pack some in trays, sachets etc.


Clock auction

It is a unique auction system based on degressive bids, favouring fairness and transparency. Each day harvested vegetables are divided into lots and offered for sale to shippers.


Shipping and provision of supplies

Shippers work hand in hand to deliver goods to supermarkets, greengrocers, wholesalers and importers.


Guaranteed freshness for consumers

Through this organisation, the Prince de Bretagne network can guarantee freshness through 100% Breton and seasonal vegetables.

Our vegetables respect the seasons and are subject to the vagaries of the weather. If it is cold in winter, cauliflowers develop less quickly and the daily supply becomes scarce. Conversely, a few days of warmth and everything suddenly starts to grow!