Les 1700 maraîchers Prince de Bretagne sont au cœur de l’organisation : ce sont eux qui ont créé les coopératives de légumes frais et la marque Prince de Bretagne, et qui en sont toujours les décideurs aujourd'hui. Nos exploitations bretonnes sont majoritairement familiales et indépendantes.
The agricultural practices of all the producers engaged in the continual improvement programme and the requirements of the Prince de Bretagne brand’s specifications mean we can lay claim to the quality of the vegetables we offer.


market gardener at Plougonvelin (29), Cerafel regional quality contact

We are well aware that packaging has a significant environmental impact. It is why we favour recyclable or biodegradable materials.


market gardener in Pleumeur-Gautier (22), president of the cauliflower section at Maraîchers d'Armor

Our vegetable production creates many jobs and therefore contributes to local wealth. Our goal has always been to live in our countryside and contribute to the dynamism of our region, particularly rural areas.


market gardener in Pleubian (22), president of Maraîchers d'Armor’s innovation sector

My goal has always been to reduce the environmental impact of my greenhouses.


market gardener in Plouha (22)

I decided to go organic because I am passionate about the technical aspects of farming and agronomy: organic farming requires a lot of work to compensate for the prohibitions.


market gardener in organic conversion in St-Méloir-des-Ondes (35)