Les 1700 maraîchers Prince de Bretagne sont au cœur de l’organisation : ce sont eux qui ont créé les coopératives de légumes frais et la marque Prince de Bretagne, et qui en sont toujours les décideurs aujourd'hui. Nos exploitations bretonnes sont majoritairement familiales et indépendantes.
I decided to go organic because I am passionate about the technical aspects of farming and agronomy: organic farming requires a lot of work to compensate for the prohibitions.


market gardener in organic conversion in St-Méloir-des-Ondes (35)

We opened the doors to our farms as part of the ‘Everyone to the farm’ programme and it was an incredible success.


organic market gardener in Trévou-Tréguignec (22)

High environmental value certification is a step in the right direction because it provides supporting evidence that our practices are responsible.


market gardener in Sibiril (29)

As a farmer’s daughter, I wanted to take over my parents’ farm without having a real longing to set up on my own. Their approaching retirement was a trigger for me.


organic market gardener in Kerlouan (29)

What I like about our organisation is that it is really run by and for the market gardeners who belong to it!


market gardener in Paimpol (22)